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Plan your journey-plan your day!

I´m going to start this blog with telling you something amazing. Its something that will revolutionize your way of thinking about planning your life. It will alternate your view on your journey in general and shift your awareness and rock you to the core. I hope you are sitting down because this will blow your mind. It blew mine, Are you ready? Here we go. 1, 2, 3…

You have 24 hours per day! Yes, you read me correctly, you HAVE 24 hours per day!

Ok, I admit it, I was trying to draw you in by opening up with an amazing claim but I did that purposefully to make a point. We all know that we have 24 hours a day to plan with and we all know that those 24 hours are gone when the clock hits twelve. The question is, are we planning with them? Do we see them as the pot of gold that they are?

Every night at the same time you are given a new set of hours to plan with and with them a new opportunity to plan them as well as you can. The question is: Are we?

This will be the red thread of this blog. I will share how to optimize our free time, work-outs and how planning your day is the most important task of your day.

I will share ideas that I have come up with and I will also share ideas that I have read or heard other people put forth that I find highly inspiring. Together we can plan your journey, become more effective and use every hour to our advantage!

I wish you all a successful 2012!

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