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Why a map is important-Know your A to B

We’re all pilgrims on the same journey – but some pilgrims have better road maps.
Nelson DeMille

The best memories I have from when I was a little kid was all the trips we took with the family. My dad Lars was the “captain of the ship” and he made sure we understood, before “leaving the shore”, where we were headed and how long it  would take to get there.

He, like the true captain he his, spread the map across the kitchen table and said: “Ok kids, where are we?” Me and my brother raised to put our fingers on the right spot on the map. We didn’t always get it right but at least we were enthusiastic about it. “Ok great, and were are we going?” This was a little bit trickier but we made our best guess and pointed proudly on a spot on the map. “yes, almost but we are going here” our father said as he gently pulled one of our fingers to the right place on the map.

He further told us how long it would take to get there. He also pointed out approximately were we would make stops to eat our lunch etc. So, when our journey started we knew fairly well how long it would take, when we could eat our lunch and take a bathroom break. Of course, bathroom breaks were always more frequent then infrequent, but hey, we were kids with a deep love for juice:)

Yes, I think you know were I’m going with this. Just like my dad planned our journeys when I was a kid showing us the map before driving towards our destination, it can be a great help for us to look at the map before each day and see were we are going. Yes, the work day is usually already planned out as 9-5 so there is little we can do about that but how are we planning our free time? Do we have a map for the hours from 5-11?

Let us discover how we can optimize these hours!

This and more in tomorrows post. For now, start thinking around the concept of having a map. See what comes to mind and smile!

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