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Solution: Make a written schedule-Boost effectiveness

By Stuart

I had found the answer!

For me to get back on track and feel satisfied again I needed to get back in the driver seat, start with shifting up a gear and start to control my reality.

The answer was, for me, to make a schedule. I first started to make the schedule in my head: “Ok, so when I get home from work Im going to excerise for 30 min and then Im going to read a book for 1 hour and then….” Well, it didnt work as good as I had hoped for. I really couldnt stick to it. Things got in the way, the phone rang. So, I went on the internet and read some interesting things about goal setting etc. Then it hit me, for this to work I have to write it down. I have to write it down in detail, in advance, and fallow it like a school boy.

So, i went on the computer and fixed a neat schedule in word and printed it out. I wrote down when I was going to start something and when I was goin finish it. I ended with: “I hereby promise to fallow this schedule” and signed my name. It felt impowering. I had at that point legally bound myself to keep to the contract and it felt great!:)

One days schedule looks something like this:

5.30 pm-     Make dinner with my wife

6.30 pm –    Study Portuguese

7.40 pm –    5 K running while listening to Chinese/Mandarin language learning

8.15 pm –    Read John Grisham

9.15 pm –    Watch a movie with my wife

11.00 pm – Go to bed-lights out!

If there is somehow a need to change plans I reschedule it! NO SKIPPING.

(I schedule one week at a time and keep it down to earth and realistic.)

Guess if my free-time productivity sky rocketed!

Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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