My TV experience. Can it get better?

I very seldom sit down at the TV anymore without knowing exactly what I´m going watch. I have to admit though, it´s not easy. For so many years I have done the same thing over and over. I picked up the remote flicked through the channels hoping to find something that would, momentarily, entertain me. If I didn’t find something worth watching I settled for the next best program.

Somebody once said (I can´t remember who): I find the television to be very educational; every time it´s turned on I go to the other room to read a book.  This is something that I have to get much better at. Yes, it´s great to plan my TV experience but if there´s nothing worth watching why should I settle for something less? It ´s then much better to reconsider and sit down and read or focus your time on something else that you can put value in.

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4 thoughts on “My TV experience. Can it get better?

  1. Hanna says:

    So true! I have to get so much better on that!

  2. I read lots of business books and motivational books 4 years ago and several of them suggested to not watch TV, not even the 6’o’clock news (which I was addicted to). I gave it a go and it’s been a great 4 years.

    Once you make some quiet space to just think, many ideas (both business and personal) occur to you.

  3. lars says:

    good and nice

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