I was ready for a change

After a long day at work I was sometimes exhausted. I arrived home, kicked off my shoes and felt relieved that I had finally reached my free-time zone. Now it was time to relax and just take it easy. “I´m worth it because I have done my 8-10 hours at my job.” I said to myself.

Me and my wife (a great cook by the way) made some food which we usually enjoyed in front of the TV where we usually watched a show, documentary or a movie.  After a while I usually got tired (I will get to the tiredness later); I fell asleep on the couch.  After waking up we usually took a walk together  and talked about the day.

The evening ended around 11 pm when we went to bed. Before going to sleep I read a book or a magazine until I started to drift off into dreamland. I usually woke up a bit later by my Iphone making a sound. Someone had placed a new word in word feud. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow so I picked up my phone and placed a new word. I then tried to go to sleep again.

There is really nothing wrong with this evening scenario and there is absolutely nothing wrong with “taking it easy”. We all need to take it easy and kick our feet back and whistle with the wind; There is no crime in that. But I had all this things that I wanted to do. I wanted to get in bodily shape, I wanted to write etc.

Overall, my free time didn’t satisfy me. How was this possible? I had free-time for my disposal! FREE TIME. I could do anything I wanted with the time because I was OFF duty, off work.  Still, when sitting back and thinking about what made me happy I came to the conclusion that I was way OFF. Why? Because I wasn’t in control of my reality. I was not in control, in fact, most of the time the control was in control or the Iphone was in control and I just passively fallowed like a dog fallows his master.

I was ready for a change and I was ready to get back into the driver seat!

What did I do? More about that in my next post. Until then, Smile!

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